re-sealable systems for packaging of food and industrial products



packaging prize

BRC Packaging Certificates

Nomination category "Convenience" 2015

packaging oscar prize winner

Winner "Oscar Imballaggio" 2015

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Winner "Oscar Imballaggio" 2016

resealable packaging prize for innovation

Best packaging innovation 2016

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Worldstar Winner 2017

Winner of the German Packaging Award 2018

Winner of the German Packaging Award 2018

Research and development


The key to our success is the constant investment and commitment to ensure added value for our customers and good service to consumers. Each of our packages is the result of careful market analysis, as well as a phase of study and engineering design that allow us to find the best solution for every need and type of product. Our team is always available to the customer to improve the solutions offered both in terms of marketing and communication materials and technologies, in order to ensure the best results with the least possible environmental impact.



Smilesys is present with its products in more than 20 countries worldwide.



Smilesys: produttori di packaging alimentare innovativo