Fruit Logistica


This year we will exhibit at the Fruit Logistica, in Berlin.


Berlin, 7-8-9 february 2018

3. 077 exhibitors and over 75. 000 Visitors they go to Fruit Logisitca each year to realise completely their business potential in the sector of the international commerce of fresh products which that fruit and vegetable and to write their personal history about success.


Fruit Logistica covers each single commercial sector with the fresh one and offers a complete view on all the last innovations, on the products and services at every level of the global chain of the supply.


It creates then excellent contact timeliness between the top decision makers at every level of the industry.


At 7 in February 9 2018 over 3000 companies coming from the whole chain of the value of the fresh one, from the global player to the little enterprise, they will be present at Berlin.


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