You never forget your second!


For the second consecutive year SmileSys wins the illustrious Packaging Oscar, promoted by the Italian Packaging Instutite and supported by ‘il Corriere della Sera’ and CoNaI.


News ⋅ 4 may 2016

  • Oscar dell'Imballaggio: smilesys premiata
  • Smilesys vincitrice dell'oscar dell'imballaggio per la seconda volta
  • Oscar dell'Imballaggio 2016
  • Oscar Imballaggio: seconda vittoria per Smilesys
  • smilesys all'Oscar dell'Imballaggio

A success which was built on research and innovation, on industries aiming to spare energy and protect the environment.

Smile Lite is nowadays the most innovative solution for food packaging.

It is an all Italian innovation, created by SmileSys in cooperation with Besana and Bioplast, a network of Italian enterprises from the north to the south that has carried this product to the highest step of the “Over All” category at the prestigious Packaging Oscars.

The film is a thin 100%-recyclable PET membrane which, thanks to the special adhesive material patented by SmileSys and exclusively produced by Ritrama, allows a perfect re-closure of the pack even after the first opening, and thus to reduce food waste and plastic consumption by more than 80% compared to the standard lidding solutions.

With its 0,1mm thickness Smile Lite, besides drastically reducing the space for raw material stock, the size of the final pack after production and the auto needed vehicles for the transportation, also permits to limit the Carbon-dioxide emissions during the production process (over 90% less CO2 produced), the amount of plastic waste to dispose of and the costs for pack production.

Our Smile Lite is produced in reels and fully customizable in terms of size, graphics and opening dimensions.

Sure there’s still a long way to go for changing the world, for now we have started.