Who we are


Smilesys Spa is an innovative and brilliant company, and since a long time it has been a reference point among the reclosable and easy-opening applications for automatic packaging. 


By applying special self adhesive labels, Smilesys adds a high value to the produced films. The result is a film which is perfectly suitable for the packaging of food, chemicals and industrial products. The team’s continuous commitment  and constant investment in research, development and new technologies have allowed the company to be present with its experience in the most diverse sectors. Smile labels are now applicable to most of the films and suitable for industrial packaging on any type of machine. From January 2013 the new production plant and r&d department are located in Piazzola sul Brenta.



The key to our success is the constant investment and commitment in providing an added value to our customers and a good service to consumers.

Each pack is the result of careful market analysis, as well as of a phase of study and design that allow us to find the best solution for every need and type of product.

Our Team is always available for our customers to improve solutions both in terms of marketing and technologies, in order  to ensure maximum efficiency with the least possible environmental impact. 




Our production department is active on 3 shifts 24 hours per day in order to take full advantage of time capacity and to guarantee maximum flexibility to our customers.





Our BRC IOP management system guarantees our customers the security of receiving products at the highest levels of quality and performance.

All merchandise is subject to careful checks by our staff, and our quality Department provides customers with the best support in the management of reports and complains.





Flexibility is another important value in our service.

We are always willing to work with customers to find the solution of transport and delivery which best meet their needs, from the single roll up to the full container.





Smilesys focuses a special attention on the theme of eco-sustainability and stands out for its solutions’ eco-friendly foodprint. The resealable label recloses up to 25 times and avoids needless food waste. Smilesys’ know-how in the field of fresh products through perforation and accurate selection of the materials contributes to increase the shelf-life of the product.

By using Smile Lite as top film it is possible to reduce the consumption of plastics and other waste materials up to 20% compared to the average solutions on the market.