Smile 2LITE®


The brand new resealable system any kind of tray.


The new patented system “Smile 2Lite” is designed in order to optimize space and make your pack truly eco-friendly. Our product consists in one only re-sealable film supplied in rolls which, compared to the standard flow wraps or solutions with lid, imply a reduction of plastic consumption as well as of the volume of the raw material and of the finished product, leading to a substantial improvement of the logistics flow in general.

Like any other Smilesys’ solution, Smile 2Lite enhances the whole consumer experience: functionality is improved, storage life is increased and recycling is facilitated.


Smilesys has developed and patented the only high-performance warranty seal system for any kind of packaging solution, always providing the consumer certainty of having an inviolate and fresh product in his hands.


A good transpiration of the product is essential for maintaining its organoleptic properties. That’s why it is possible to increase the product’s shelf life by perforating the film through laser technology, mechanical center punches or macro perforation.


In line with our eco-sustainable purpose of reducing plastic consumption as much as we can, our patented product is also heat-sealable onto recyclable and biodegradable paper trays. This gives the product a great appeal, making it look charming and rustic, and remembering its organic qualities and its authenticity.


Suitable to any tray in terms of shape and type: thermoformed, preformed in PET, PP, PET/PE and paper. The graphics of the film is fully customizable in order to best emphasize your product.






Compared to the standard solutions with plastic lid, the Smile 2Lite technology allows the handling of more product per volume unit, thus reducing the emissions of Co2 as well as the transport costs.




Suitable to any tray-sealer machine and does not require any further adjustment or setup before packing.



This makes it easier for the customer, who will not need to change its production process anyway: the delivered rolls are ready to be used. Compared to a pack made by tray + plastic lid or to a standard flow pack, it requires less space for storage.